“She believed she could, so she did.”
-R.S. Grey

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This group is for moms to connect and inspire each other on this journey. I will share my journey with you, my wins, and my mistakes (so that you won’t have to make them yourself).

This group is for you if:
– you are a strong woman
– you dream of becoming a mompreneur
– you are a stay-at-home mom
– you wish you could stay at home
– you want financial freedom
– you want a job you can be proud of
– you just want to find a group that reminds you that you aren’t alone on this crazy mom-journey.

This group will:
– remind you that you aren’t alone
– support you in finding your passion
– help you unleash the confidence to start your own business
– give you the steps to start your own blog and social media platforms to help you land your first client

So, heat up that cup of coffee (for the millionth time), and let’s get started on this journey.

Virtual Assistant & Mompreneur


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