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Are you a stay-at-home mom? Are you a mom that wishes she could stay at home? Not sure how to accomplish your financial goals? Do you have a DREAM business idea?

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Hi! I'm Lana

I’m your virtual assistant coach, maker of mompreneurs, and creator of Making Mompreneur!
So glad to meet you, my friend!

I’m a thirty-something-year-old Southern Mama that constantly forgets where she set her coffee down. (Hint! Usually in the microwave). I’m addicted to coffee and anything pumpkin spice (all year long!) If jumping over legos and dodging Nerf bullets was an Olympic sport, I would have several gold medals and could retire in my mansion by the sea.

On my blog, you will find all things motherhood, inspiration, and marriage. However, my true passion is helping other stay-at-home moms find their way to financial freedom, flexibility, and finding themselves again.


⇒ wishing you had the freedom to stay at home?
⇒ wishing you had the money to stay at home?
⇒ as a stay-at-home, wishing you could make some money?
⇒ wishing for financial freedom?
⇒ wishing for a flexible schedule?
⇒ wishing for a job you can do at home while being with your kiddos?


⇒ give you the tools to start your own virtual assistant business.
⇒ help you unleash the confidence to start your own business.
⇒ support you in finding your passion. 
⇒ help you find enjoyment and pride in your job while having the freedom to stay at home with your kids.
⇒ give you resources to become a pro of programs like Canva, Tailwind, and MORE!!
⇒ give you the steps to start your own blog and social media platforms to help you land your first client.


All things motherhood, inspiration, parenting, marriage, blogging, virtual assistant tips, and MORE!

Courses, webinars, and challenges that can change your life!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Overworked? Do you feel like you need more hours in your day? I can set up your Pinterest, schedule your pins, manage other social media platforms, and more! 

Are you a busy mom that knows you have SO much more to offer?

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This group is for moms to connect and inspire each other on this journey. I will share my journey with you, my wins, and my mistakes (so that you won’t have to make them yourself).

This group is for you if:
– you are a strong woman
– you dream of becoming a mompreneur
– you are a stay-at-home mom
– you wish you could stay at home
– you want financial freedom
– you want a job you can be proud of
– you just want to find a group that reminds you that you aren’t alone on this crazy mom-journey.

This group will:
– remind you that you aren’t alone
– support you in finding your passion
– help you unleash the confidence to start your own business
– give you the steps to start your own blog and social media platforms to help you land your first client

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.